5 x the best free things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam expensive? Our tips mean it doesn’t have to be!

Okay, I’ll be honest. Prices in Amsterdam are a lot higher than in the rest of the Netherlands. However, fortunately for you (and me) I know exactly how you can experience the ultimate city trip...

The Real Amsterdammer

Recognise a true Amsterdammer anywhere in the world by these 4 typical characteristics!

Amsterdam is hip, Amsterdam is beautiful and Amsterdam is a little bit naughty, too. This combination seems to have enormous appeal for the many visitors to the city, both tourists and (potential) residents. Everyone likes...

Amsterdam Light Festival

November 30th 2017 till January 21st 2018

Once a year, Amsterdam is literally placed in the spotlight during the Amsterdam Light Festival. This is a local, relatively new tradition that you should try not miss. You will realise why once you have...

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