What do you get when you combine some dunes, the beach, and a mouth-watering cheese market? Well, the answer is, of course, Alkmaar, located in the Netherlands, particularly in the province of North Holland. If you want to have an authentic Dutch experience in Alkmaar for yourself, it is obviously a great idea to secure a place to stay, and there’s no better place to begin than choosing from these Alkmaar Vacation Apartments.



Het Kasteeltje


You probably have a childhood dream of getting married in Amsterdam, or perhaps in a castle in Alkmaar. Well, now is your chance to make that dream come true, if you rent out the Het Kasteeltje in Alkmaar. Of course, looking for your Princess or Prince Charming is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself.




“De Koning” Alkmaar


“De Koning” in Alkmaar is the perfect apartment for that little romantic getaway that you and your partner have been planning for months. With an ambience that really feels as if it was made just for lovers, De Koning Alkmaar is certainly an apartment that will make you fall in love with each other, over and over again.




Old Town Apartments


There is no doubt about it – one of the best spots in the Netherlands is the one and only Dutch Cheese museum. If you’re a huge fan of cheese, then don’t think twice about where to stay in Alkmaar. Located just a hundred yards away from the Cheese Museum is the Alkmaar Old Town Apartments, offering you a great position in the city center as well as great services.




“Trendy” Alkmaar


Looking for an accommodation in Alkmaar that is conveniently located at the city center, and at the same time provides you with excellent and comfortable service? You’ve certainly found your answer in “Trendy” Alkmaar. Featuring an apartment that has its own balcony, WiFi connection, flatscreen tv, and many more, you will never go wrong with “Trendy” Alkmaar.




Royal apartments City Centre


Apart from the many local excitements, Alkmaar is also known for its wide array of beautiful apartments. One of these is the Royal Apartments located right in the city centre. Because Alkmaar is a place with a magnificent view, these Royal Apartments have terraces that offer you a breathtaking perspective of Alkmaar. And yes, a lot of other surprises are in store for you if you stay at the Royal Apartments.




Appartementen De Kaasmarkt


One of the most top rated apartments in Alkmaar, the Appartementen De Kaasmarkt stands proud and offers you countless opportunities to make your stay in Alkmaar more memorable than usual. With its close proximity to everything else that sparks so much interest in Alkmaar (the Dutch Cheese Museum, anyone?), it’s easy to see why everyone would want to stay in Appartementen De Kaasmarkt.




Monumental Castle of Alkmaar


Located right on the edge of Alkmaar’s historic centre, the Monumental Castle of Alkmaar is precisely what it promises to be. It is a beautifully restored castle, with the first floor of the castle also functioning as a rentable apartment. Choose this place if you want your vacation to have an intensely royal feel.




Nikki’s Holiday Home


If you’re looking for a vacation destination that will still help you experience the undisputed comforts of home, then you’re in luck. Nikki’s Holiday Home in Alkmaar will give you just that, and more. Offering a home for a maximum of four people, this Holiday Home is complete with everything you need, plus the experience of new memories, brought to you by Alkmaar.






Let’s say you’re scheduled to have a vacation in the Netherlands, specifically in Alkmaar, but you still don’t have a place to stay. Well, to have the perfect combination of quiet and busy-ness, you can very well find it in Koningshof. The location gives you both an urban vibe as well as a peaceful one; you can’t go wrong with Koningshof.




Holiday Home Canal View


Sure enough, of the many must-haves that an apartment can have, a breathtaking view certainly takes top priority. And this view is surely what you’ll be getting from Holiday Home Canal View, among its many other excellent services. Check this place out if you’re planning a vacation in Alkmaar, and it’ll be one of your best decisions.



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