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Travel blogs are very essential to be able to understand and enjoy the world of tourism. Each opinion shared by travel bloggers are considered to be valuable because they share firsthand experiences about different places and can tell exactly to the audience the best and the worst destinations to visit. Travel bloggers are considered to be our mentors. Reading their shared stories, travel tips and guides about each journey gives us information and inspire us to book that ticket and take that flight.

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James and Susan love to travel around Europe with their dog Henry. Their blog mainly focuses on budget friendly travels to help readers enjoy the European sceneries without hurting the pocket. With the help of other experienced backpackers that they meet along the way, the American couple was able to come up with ideas and helpful information that most guidebook never mentioned about.
A Puerto Rican architect in New York named Norbert has been traveling the globe since he was a kid. His blog was mainly written for his family and friends. When his blog became an international hit, he quit his job and decided to travel the world. He wanted his experiences to be an inspiration to readers. His travel tips demonstrate how cheap and accessible it is to travel.


When you are in search for updated reviews, stories and news about travel destinations, is the site to visit. The blog collaborates with thousands of fans that submit amazing photos about places that they have been to. The blog wanted its readers to know how beautiful it is to travel and see perfect travel destinations by showing an abundance of high quality photos. It also features both luxury travel and cheap solutions for readers to choose from.
Heather started traveling around Europe when she was a kid. She decided to write to tell her travel stories to friends and family. Her travels around the world particularly in Africa were well written that it make every reader journey with the blogger.
Maria quit her job as a journalist and landed a job that would fulfill her dreams to travel. She travels around Europe and started blogging to share her stories and help her readers with the information they need such as worthy activities and events. Her travel tips are helpful are interesting and are very useful.


Working in Japan as a teacher allowed Silvia to save some money to spend on traveling. With enough money to spend, she began her solo journey around Iran and Asia. She decided to settle in her native land Norway. Her blog is her reflection that is being adventurous and carefree.

They are two gay couple traveling together to make memories that last forever. They are a digital nomad and vegan too. Their adventure started in Buenos Aires and the rest is what we call history. Their blog is best for people who are planning to travel long term for they provide practical advice and some interesting things that one can do while on the road.


This blog showcases breathtaking images of places that the blogger named Adonis came to visit. Great talent and immeasurable passion for traveling make this blog very appealing to the readers. One of his adventures was taking a 6 month long car ride around Europe which pushed him to travel to more places.
Sandra travels around Europe and writes about the place especially about the culture of the area. Her blog provides useful information for backpackers who are in search for detailed information of possible accommodation together with the prices. Travel tips and inspirations are also provided for readers to take inspiration from.
Traveling through Europe offers an enormous wide variety on things to do, from culture to history to nature and food. Travel Europe is a blog that helps you to get most out of your trip and find the best corners of the continent. If you either want to go hiking in nature or do a citytrip, or even a wedding on the beach, definitely check this blog out.
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