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10 Reasons Why You Must Never Visit Amsterdam

Nope, you didn’t misread that title. Contrary to popular belief, Amsterdam is not at all that great. You’ve probably heard about the sights, the food, the people, the activities – the whole shebang seems to have convinced you of one simple fact: Amsterdam is the place to be.

Well, then, let this article prove otherwise. Here are ten reasons why you should never visit Amsterdam.

The Red Light District in Amsterdam
The Red Light District in Amsterdam is oh so alive and kicking.

First: the Red Light District in Amsterdam is oh so alive and kicking.

While it may be acceptable that at least prostitutes get to earn a living, it might not be that acceptable if you’re the kind who believes in monogamy and are trying your best to preserve your marriage. So if you don’t want to have to deal with any sort of tempting provocation, avoid Amsterdam.

Second: the smell of Marijuana fills the air.

This may be exciting for some, but if the very idea of inhaling it is enough to ruin your day, then Amsterdam is definitely not the place for you. Why? Because marijuana is legal in Amsterdam. Enough said.

Police Officers
Those you call police officers might not be police officers at all.

Third: cookies offered in the streets may not be good for you.

Yes, they actually give away free cookies in Amsterdam. But while you’re busy munching on that delectable pastry, some other person is busy taking off with your bag. Let’s leave you with that mental picture now.

Fourth: those you call police officers might not be police officers at all.

In Amsterdam, police presence isn’t something you can immediately rejoice about, because there are some tricksters who just dress like police officers. Talk about safety and security, huh?

Cyclist vs Pedestrian Lane
There’s the cyclist vs. pedestrian problem.

Fifth: there’s the cyclist vs. pedestrian problem.

If you come from a place where the pedestrian is king of the road, then don’t go to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, the cyclists have the last say, and you don’t want to be the pedestrian having to suffer the run-in.

Sixth: attractions are expensivein Amsterdam.

Remember all those museums and parks they told you about? They actually cost an arm and a leg. But hey, if you’re willing to just see the outside and not look inside, then nobody’s complaining.

Tourist in Amsterdam
Try your hardest to look broke.

Seventh: you’ve got to try your hardest to look broke.

Many people, particularly tourists, enjoy the looks and the gazes they get because they’re new to the place, so these tourists try extra hard to look as if they’re rich. But this won’t work to your favor in Amsterdam. The richer you look, the bigger a target you become.

Eighth: once you’ve been marked as a target, you’ll immediately be pickpocketed.

There are quite a number of people in Amsterdam who seem to have mastered the art and the science of pickpocketing while making sure you always find out too late. If you’re wondering how they chose you, just read the seventh reason again.

Taxi Service
Taxi service isn’t quite horrible, really.

Ninth: Madame Tussaud is better in London.

While the wax figures are exciting enough, they’re not quite as exciting as the ones in London, so it’s probably better to head on out to London, instead.

Tenth: taxi service isn’t quite horrible, really.

Have you ever heard of the taxi who took off even before the passenger had taken out all her stuff? Well, you can bet your life that that happened in Amsterdam.


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