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4 tips for decorating a small apartment in Amsterdam

Small apartments have their own advantages, even the very small ones you can find in Amsterdam. They are for example cheaper than a large house and often have a favorable location. A small apartment has its own charm and the fact that you may not have that much space does not mean that your focus should only be on functional furnishings. You can also style a small apartment perfectly functional if you take a number of basic principles into account:

Light color palette 

Light colors always have a more spacious effect than dark colors. When creating a color palette, focus on three colors: two colors with a light bright shade that cover most of the room and one accent color that makes the whole thing more visually exciting. The accent does not always have to be big to impress, which a plasterer or stukadoor Amsterdam can tell you as well. If you are in the mood for bolder colors, paint or plaster, called stucen in Dutch, some furniture or walls in that color and accentuate it with a second color. However, limit yourself to a certain part of the room, otherwise you will get an overkill of colors and impressions.

Visually separated spaces

With a small space, you may not immediately think of creating partitions and you tend to leave the space as open as possible. That is a perfectly logical idea, but a modest open space quickly becomes cluttered. Due to the lack of separations, the different elements (kitchen, sitting area, sleeping area) visually intertwine. You can solve this by using room dividers or by positioning furniture in a certain way. A sideboard between the cooking and dining area is an option. But a sofa is also a perfect piece of furniture to create separations. You can also use plants to accentuate functional transitions in a room.

Vertical storage space

When furnishing a small apartment in Amsterdam, it is wise to think ‘vertical’, just like an architect who has to erect a new building in the city. Narrow high storage cabinets are your friend when furnishing a somewhat smaller interior. Due to their narrow appearance, they do not immediately take up the entire wall, but still offer a lot of storage space. Nowadays there are also very nice shelf and cabinet systems with which you can make your own storage system.

Multifunctional furniture

In a small apartment in Amsterdam, every inch is a gain. Therefore, furniture that can be used multifunctionally is very practical. There is a lot for sale in this area. Consider, for example, a sofa bed, which you can use as a sofa during the day, or an ottoman in which you can store things. An extendable dining table, which you can expand when guests come, is also very handy. There are many good high quality designs on the market that are both practical and stylish. You could even opt for multifunctional furniture that fits really well with your beton cire walls for example.


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