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4 tips to find a job in Amsterdam

As a man or woman on a mission you struggle through all the vacancies that Amsterdam has to offer. From HR manager to driving instructor: they have all passed by you. But that one beautiful job is not yet among the vacatures Amsterdam you have seen. In the meantime, you constantly apply for jobs that are not quite right for you. You really have more up your sleeve! That is why in this blog we share four tips to quickly find the right job in Amsterdam, make sure to use them when you are looking for a new profession. Good luck!

Make use of job boards

The younger generation is already well acquainted with it. The online job boards are packed with positions waiting for a suitable candidate. Who knows, they may be looking for exactly what you have! Therefore, always use websites such as: Indeed, LinkedIn and Nationale Vacaturebank during your search. This way you know what is going on in your field in terms of job opportunities. Before you know it you will have found several job vacancies in Amsterdam that are right up your sleeve. Apply as quickly as possible because you do not want to miss your chance! 

Send an open application

Have you set your eye on a particular company? Then do not hesitate to send us an open application. It may sound scary, but HR is really not surprised. In fact, many large companies do not even have to post vacancies or horeca vacatures Amsterdam, because – due to their popularity – they are already filled with open applications. Grab the opportunity and just apply! It certainly will not hurt you, but you may get a job by just sending your application to the HR side of the company you so desperately want to work for. 

Enable your network

It sounds a bit cliché, but most jobs are found in a personal network. Therefore, you should make use of the 3 F’s when looking for a job: Friends, family, and former colleagues. The fact that they know you well as a person ensures that employers are quick to rely on their judgment. In addition, they may have lines with business owners or HR staff. So there is a chance that you can take a job before there is even competition. That is genuinely the best way to get a new position in Amsterdam!

Leave your resume with a recruiter

Recruiters play a valuable role between jobseekers and employers. They have short lines of communication with relevant companies and know exactly what is going on in your field. Are you currently available for a new challenge? Let the recruiters help you in your search! Because you know yourself, it is difficult to find a job in Amsterdam, but with the help of a recruiting agency, it will become a bit easier for sure. 

When looking for a job in Amsterdam, you can make the task easier for yourself by using the tips mentioned above!


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