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5 Dutch Food You Must Absolutely Try in Amsterdam

And here you are again – getting ready for your next trip abroad. From your usual process of narrowing down your options (which isn’t really that systematic because you actually just point a finger up in the air and then make it land on a map; whichever country your finger lands on will be your next destination), you have finally ‘decided’: this year, it’s going to be Amsterdam.

After everyone has given you their version of what to do in Amsterdam, places to see, people to meet, you’ve now moved to the next step in your preparation – working out a list of food to try in Amsterdam. Well, you’re in a lot of luck, because that’s exactly what you’ll be reading in the next few paragraphs.

Here are 5 Dutch food that you must never miss trying out in Amsterdam:


1. The Stroopwafel

This is for the traveler who has a sweet tooth. The Stroopwafel is a sweet Dutch treat that’s basically composed of two thin waffles. Then, these two waffles are stuck together with a sweet, delectable syrup. It’s best enjoyed hot and gooey.

2. The croquettes

Let’s say you plan on going out for a few drinks, but then lo and behold: you forgot to eat dinner. You begin to feel the burn; those 8% Belgian beers are beginning to take their toll. What to do? The answer is in the bitterballen. Delicious, deep fried crispy meatballs traditionally served with mustard for dipping – they’re the ultimate in Dutch pub snacks and can be found on the menu at most Amsterdam drinking establishments.

Raw Herring
Raw herring

3. Raw herring

Admittedly, raw herring may sound a little scary to those whose ears are not used to it, but the truth is, every visitor to Amsterdam should give it a go. You’ll spot haringhandels (herring carts) serving up this Dutch specialty all over the city. (Here’s a quick tip: ask for a ‘broodje haring’ to get the fish served in a small sandwich with pickles and onions.) The best time to try raw herring is between May and July when the herring is said to be at its sweetest.

4. Kibbeling

Alright, alright. So you’re probable not feeling quite brave enough to try raw herring (see above). For the not-so-brave-of-heart, you can still get your fishy fix from kibbeling – battered and deep fried morsels of white fish; usually cod. They’re every bit as delicious as they look, and usually served with a mayonaisey herb sauce and lemon. Try it hot and fresh from a street market or food truck for the best kibbeling experience.

Cheese in Netherlands
Cheese in Netherlands

5. THEIR Cheese

FACT: Cheese is big business in the Netherlands. Ergo (and no one really uses ‘ergo’ that often so take this seriously), don’t go home without visiting one of Amsterdam’s many ‘kaas’ shops or markets and tasting some Gouda, Geitenkaas or Maasdammer. For an introduction to the most popular Dutch cheeses, stop by the Cheese Museum or one of the Henri Willig Cheese and More shops.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, the same can be said about the tourist. Once Amsterdam has taken your stomach, it has most likely taken your heart, too, forever.


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