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Amsterdam: The Adult’s Wonderland

Being a kid means several things. It probably means always getting what you want, but hardly wanting what you get. It probably means crying just to get other people’s (read: adults) attention, or at the same time trying to make sure that you never lose whatever it was that made you happy in the first place. All in all, being a kind is basically being in a state wherein all you want to do is ensure that you’ll always be in that place or space where everything works out well for you, happens according to plan. In a word, being a kid means always wanting to be in wonderland.

Here’s the thing, though. For adults, there also are several versions of this wonderland. It’s that place where deadlines are always met, or where deadlines aren’t constantly being fed to you. It’s that place where you can take it easy, even when you’re working, a place where you don’t have to feel alienated by all the traffic and all the crowds of commuters. The adult’s wonderland is a place where food is good, where the air is fresh, where life is light. And yes, that wonderland for adults does exist, and it goes by the name of Amsterdam.

Cycling in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is so bike-friendly

Reasons Why Amsterdam is a Wonderland for Adults

The first reason why Amsterdam is a haven for adults seeking a better life is this: Amsterdam is so bike-friendly. Sure, those who don’t bike will simply dismiss this as an unimportant caprice, but with all the benefits that riding a bike can give. However, those who do ride bikes obviously know better. Bike-riding is the cause of many benefits, and among these of course is its help for the environment. Apart from reducing the carbon footprint, riding a bike also helps to address the traffic problems that automobiles and other modes of transportation give rise to.

Another reason why Amsterdam is a wonderland is because in Amsterdam, there are so many drinks to choose from. But of course, you can rightly begin with the beers. With this, you won’t have to endure the cheap beers from where you come from. Amsterdam’s local beers are all the craze (and no, it’s not just those popular beers you see on television shows).

Canals of Amsterdam
Any city that has a canal along which you can walk will be a relief

Third, Amsterdam boasts of being a city that has one of the most scenic views in the world. Feeling a little under the weather? Or maybe your long-time partner broke up with you, having replaced you with someone else? The first thing that an adult will look for is a place to cry and express the sadness in. Not to worry, Amsterdam has got you covered. Definitely, any city that has a canal along which you can walk will be a relief, from any imaginable heartache.

Fourth, the food experiences in Amsterdam will change your life. If you’re a breakfast person, you might want to begin with the waffles. Waffles in Amsterdam are as authentic as ‘authentic’ can possibly get, and the waffles you’ve always known from your childhood fastfood chains are nothing compared to those you’ll devour in Amsterdam.

Fifth, Amsterdam has the only floating flower market in the entire world. If that’s not magical enough for you, then there’s probably something not quite right with your definition of ‘magical’.

Visit Amsterdam, and experience an adult’s wonderland like never before.



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