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A Beginner’s Guide to Amsterdam

It’s everyone’s familiar story. You’re fresh from a very painful experience; let’s say, you just came from a bad and bitter breakup. You’ve been spending your minutes, hours, and days in utter silence and isolation. You refuse to eat, you even refuse to leave the pseudo-comfort of your bedroom. Your entire family’s worried about you (your mother, especially) and they’re all asking you to start moving on and forgiving the past.

So, when you finally decide to leave your room, what does everyone suggest for moving on? Why, travel, of course. You somehow get the hang of the entire idea, and your heart starts sinking into it, and suddenly, you begin to feel excited. Your friends surprise you with the ultimate solution: a week-long stay in (where else?) Amsterdam. Ah, yes. Freedom at last. And here’s your beginner’s guide to Amsterdam, in case you need some expert advice.

How to Spend Your First Day in Amsterdam

Day 1 in Amsterdam, and already you’re itching to get around – see more, breathe in more, taste more, and maybe even buy more, if the budget allows it. So, here’s the million dollar question: what do you do on your first day?

Big Milk House restaurant in Vondelpark
Big Milk House restaurant in Vondelpark


Of course, you might want to take your breakfast in your accommodation. You don’t want to be caught hungry in the middle of taking in the city streets, or the many picturesque scenes that Amsterdam can offer you. So take your brekkie, make sure that you won’t get hungry until after midday, if possible (haha).


Now you’re ready to begin your stroll. And yes, it has to be a real stroll. You don’t want to look like some fool who brought a car to an Amsterdam holiday; walking or riding a bike around the city is really your best bet. At midday, you will want to head on to the top of Vondelpark. This area is packed with restaurants, cafes and of course the famous coffee shops that you’ll find all over the city.

Restaurant Sumo
Restaurant Sumo


If you want an excellent hot chocolate, you might want to try out Rookies. After that, continue your stroll around Vondelpark. All around the park you will find yourself surrounded by couples, families, and individual persons all taking the same stroll you are. Everything just relaxed, and it’s exactly the kind of break you need (yep, from that breakup, pun intended). While you’re at it, grab a roasted bagel from Bagels and Wraps.


After all the walking, of course you’ll want to unwind the evening, and perhaps cap the day off with a nice glass of wine or whatever suits your taste. For dinner, you will perhaps enjoy Sumo, which is a nice Japanese restaurant with excellent reviews. After your tasty dinner, you walk a little more and you will find Vesper, which is one of the beloved bars in Amsterdam. Here you’ll find a lot of creative cocktails in this bar located in the interesting and trendy Jordan area.

After which, you can head back to your hotel room, or maybe you’d like to get to know more friends (after all, you will be in Amsterdam for a full week). Whatever you decide on, make sure that it helps you to see more of the city, and of course, it helps you mend that broken heart.


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