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Best Fashion Tips for Travelling in Amsterdam

Okay, so, it needs to be said right out in the open – you’re finally sure that you’re going to Amsterdam for vacation. Of course, your first question is: what’s it like out there? You and your tropical country don’t seem to be exactly alike.

Well, to start off, Amsterdam is known for a lot of things: cycling, pot, art, the Anne Frank House, canals, cheese — just to name a few. What it’s not famous for, though, is the weather. What’s it like, anyway? Cold, right? So, if it’s cold, how do you pack for the cold? What do you wear when it’s cold? Is there a way to wear something for the cold while also retaining some sense of style? Here are a few style-related tips which you might need, so you don’t go around purchasing the first (utterly tasteless) jacket that you see in that online store.

Fashion Clothes
Remember to go edgy.

Fashion tip #1: Remember to go edgy.

Ditch the boring flip-flops, abandon the college sweatshirts, and please oh please forget about those clothes which you usually wear when you go grocery-shopping. You see, Amsterdam street style lies somewhere between edgy and at the same time nicely put together. You can imagine blazers with jeans and a nice pair of leather boots, chunky sweaters, dresses with tights, boots, leather purses, and denim everywhere. (If you’ve ever been in the United States, then you can think of what people in Seattle wear.)

Fashion tip #2: Ladies and gentlemen, you can never go wrong with a scarf.

Scarves somehow implicitly give you some sort of license to go boring with your main outfit. How? Well, it’s essentially because having a scarf can (and will) easily brighten up that outfit, no matter how seemingly boring it is. White shirt, black pants, black windbreaker? No problem. Spice it up with your bright orange scarf. You’ll still turn heads your way, and for good reason.

Fashionable Sneakers
For shoes, go with sneakers, boots, and sandals.

Fashion tip #3: For shoes, go with sneakers, boots, and sandals.

Nope, no one’s talking about your old and beaten up running shoes anymore. Amsterdam is a city that’s big on the more fashionable kind of sneakers. So you can think of Pumas and Converse (again, not your old running shoes, please). If you haven’t invested in any of these sneakers yet, then maybe it’s time to head to your nearest department store and score a great pair, to boost that style level.

Fashion tip #4: Make ‘It should be bikeable’ your mantra in life (at least while on your vacation).

Whether you agree or not, there is a prevailing bike-centric mentality in the minds of Amsterdammers. As you’re bound to find out, people bike everywhere in Amsterdam, and the city is one of the most bike-friendly in the world. Thus, what are you doing wasting your time looking for designer dresses? You won’t get to use them in bike-centric Amsterdam. Get a bike, and take advantage of it.

Buy clothes that will allow you to get around in your bike. Precious tip, especially for the ladies: Limit shorts and miniskirts. Even if you do have killer legs, your bike just won’t care.

With these four important tips, you’re more than ready to take Amsterdam by a fashion storm. (Or at least, a bit of rain, if you’re not that flashy.) Enjoy your vacation!


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