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Best Ways to Meet Locals in Amsterdam

One of the most popular reasons why people go on vacations is that they’re trying to nurse a broken heart. (You’ve probably read this somewhere else before, probably even on this same blog, but who cares, right?) Admit it – you’ve probably tried that, too, healing and mending a heart that has been shattered by looking for new scenery.

Without a doubt, one of the best places to visit for the sake of mending a broken heart is Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, your heart will be so pumped up with all the possible activities that it will probably even forget it was broken in the first place. There’ll be so many opportunities for you to meet new locals who will be more than willing to become your new flame. But of course, first things first. How DO you meet locals in Amsterdam?

Local Parties
Party with a local.

Suggestion #1: Join a local (or even an international!) organization.

Amsterdam has tons of these organizations, and they never seem to run out of interests around which they form these organizations. Do you come from a relationship where your partner hated you for loving photography too much and for spending a lot of time on it? Worry no more! In Amsterdam, this love for photography will be respected, and even cultivated. Or maybe you like to sing, and you’ve always just denied that you had such a talent. Amsterdam receives you with open arms, and tells you that it’s okay to be yourself. (Heck, it’s even a way to get to know someone new who loves the same things you do.)

Suggestion #2: Party with a local.

If you always kept to yourself back in your hometown, if you always just spent time with your ex (cough, cough), then perhaps it’s time for you to loosen up a little and finally re-learn the beauty of partying with a stranger. Amsterdam locals are well known for their free-spiritedness, and it will really be good for you to learn a lesson or two in partying and letting yourself go. At the very least, give yourself some permission to live a little. Who knows, destiny might be lurking at the next corner.

City life in Amsterdam
Enjoy the new city life.

Suggestion #3: Enjoy the new city life.

If there’s something you need to know about Amsterdam, it’s the fact that as a city, it’s bustling with life. What better thing for you to do than to take part in all that life? Walk along the city streets (yes, walk, don’t you dare take public transportation). As you walk, strike conversations whenever you can. Don’t be afraid of getting to know more people from the city; there will be more chances of you making friends when you talk than when you clam up and stay silent (but that was obvious, wasn’t it?).

Suggestion #4: Go out with your flatmates (or whoever else lives in the unit beside you).

As has already been said, Amsterdam locals like to live it up. And so, if you ever get invited to a night out, don’t even think of backing out and refusing the offer. No, no one’s telling you to go insane and not be careful. The advice is to simply start saying ‘yes’ to invitations to go out, instead of the usual ‘no’.

Well, to tell you the truth, whatever your reasons are for visiting Amsterdam, whether it’s to just take a breather or if you’re really there to heal a broken heart, one thing is sure: the more locals you meet and befriend, the more unforgettable the whole thing is going to be for you.



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