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Going Solo in Amsterdam

To travel with a group might sound pretty exciting for someone who is doing a trip for the very first time. It would be understandable for anyone not that experienced in travel to want the presence of friends and familiarity. To be in the presence of familiar people will never fail to provide you with the assurance of security, that you’re with people you trust, you’re with people you know. Hence, it’s not surprising if, when traveling, especially to a new city, country, or continent, the newbie would prefer going with a group.

However, for those who want more than just the usual experience, for those who prefer to take the road less traveled, it might actually be doubly exciting if you try out traveling alone. Going solo in a city like Amsterdam will definitely prove to be one of the best decisions you will ever make, especially if you know where to look and whom to ask. Well, by being here and reading this, you’re basically in very good hands. Here’s how you go solo in Amsterdam (and get the best out of it).

Volkshotel in Amsterdam
Volkshotel in Amsterdam

Where Should You Stay?

If you’re traveling solo, the best thing for you to do is to find an accommodation that will encourage you to mingle and interact with other guests. You can find such an opportunity at Volkshotel in Amsterdam, for instance. This is one of the city’s trendier establishments, designing its accommodation in such a way as to actually encourage more bonding between and among guests. Volkshotel boasts of socially driven facilities, which, once experiences, will certainly be more than enough to convince you to go ahead and be the first to say hello.

How Do You Get Around?

Traveling solo entails that you have the necessary skill set to help you survive getting around and figuring things out on your own. One skill that you just might find particularly useful in Amsterdam is the skill of riding a bike. Bicycles are really quite big in Amsterdam (you might even say it’s valued more than a car), and so if you know how to ride a bike then you can simply rent one and have your fill of the city.

Otherwise, walking, too, is a beautiful and rewarding thing to do in Amsterdam. There are always surprises waiting at almost every corner. Really, walking on your own will never get this fun and exciting.

At the Van Gogh Museum
At the Van Gogh Museum

How Do You Meet People?

Let’s say you’re traveling solo for the reason that you just got out of a bad breakup (and an even worse relationship). Well, whatever the circumstances may be, always remember that the key to have and make the best memories from your solo trip is to meet more people. To do this in Amsterdam, be sure you visit the right places.

You can try the Vincent on Friday party at the Van Gogh Museum, for starters (and if you happen to like art). This is basically a regular gathering sponsored by the museum, which features DJs, cocktails, and of course, artwork. As a welcome bonus, you also get to bond and strike up conversations with like-minded people.

Going Solo: Not So Bad

Nope, contrary to what other people might say about the dangers of solo travel, the risk is not all there is to it. There are also several weighty rewards, and if you do it right in Amsterdam, you just might reap these rewards before you even know it.



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