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Great Date Night Ideas in Amsterdam

In a relationship, both individuals are expected to have differences; it can be in activities, hobbies, attitudes, etc. Thus, we can expect that there will be some conflicts, which is understandable. To make a couple’s relationship stronger, it is important to do some activities together. Most importantly, both of them should remember the significant dates that mark some of their great achievements together. The best way to celebrate these important events is going on amazing date nights with your partner.

A simple flower can make any person smile. Shower your partner with some love by getting fresh flowers in the “bloemenmarkt,” which means flower market. There are different kinds of seasonal flowers that are available year-round. But aside from this kind gesture, below is a list of places where you can go on romantic date nights around Amsterdam.

Sea Palace Restaurant
Sea Palace Restaurant
  • Candlelight Dinner

If you want an intimate dinner with your partner while enjoying the view of Amsterdam, you should try booking a dinner in one of the floating restaurants in the city. Enjoy the view and cruise the waterways while eating delicious foods.

  • Art Appreciation

Interested with arts? The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam manages parties every Friday night. In this event, you’ll be able to enjoy drinking and listening to music while viewing the works or exhibitions of some local artists. Note that every week has a specific theme, so check it out before visiting.


Biking at Night
Biking at Night
  • Bike around the city

Amsterdam is famous for its large network of bicycle lanes that they maintain. Thus, cycling is the main mode of transportation. Make your travel more memorable by biking around the city with your partner. There are tons of bike rental stores around.

  • Catch a Gig

Heads up for music lovers. De Nieuwe Anita is the best place to be if you want to listen and enjoy concerts. You may also discover some alternative bands that you will surely like. Another factor to consider this place is because it received multiple awards for mixology due to its famous cocktails. So enjoy a night of music and drinking with your significant other.


Pathé Tuskinski
Pathé Tuskinski
  • Watch a Movie

There’s nothing wrong with some ‘Netflix and chill’ time with your partner but you can make it more special by booking a movie night at Pathé Tuskinski. This place is famous all over the world for its exceptional structural design, which includes elements from Art Deco and Art Nouveau. In addition, these places host international film festivals and screen blockbuster films and arthouse movies.

  • Fine Dining at a Michelin Star Restaurant

Food connoisseur? Then you have to try dining in one of the 40 Michelin star restaurants in the city. You can choose between InterContinental Amstel, Hotel d’Europe, or Hotel Okura. You and your partner will be able to taste world-class food prepared by some top chefs and enjoy the scenic view of the city.

  • Escape from the city

If you guys love some outdoor experience, you should visit Amsterdamse Bos. This landscape park is located between Amstelveen and Amsterdam. Enjoy the beauty of nature by walking, biking, and/or jogging in the area. There is also the Museum Tram during the summer that runs along the park.

If you’re looking for typical Dutch date night ideas: Gratisdatingtips has suggested even more things to do.



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