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Here’s Why Homestay Bed & Breakfast Accommodations Are Actually Great

If you’re planning to visit in Amsterdam soon, you might have already organized your itinerary. From visiting the museums, hopping on a canal cruise, and checking out the controversial Red Light District, there’s always something for everybody here in the Venice of the North. You can enjoy as many activities as you can, even if you’re traveling in the Dutch capital for a short period of time.

When it comes to places to stay in Amsterdam, you’ll be surprised to have lots of great options. If you want to enjoy a luxurious vacation, there are grand hotels offering stellar services and exceptional comfort. Some of the notable hotels in the capital have excellent views of the canals. Imagine waking up to Amsterdam’s famous canal picturesque from your front porch.

Homestay Bed and Breakfast 1

But if you want to save more from your travel accommodations, you can opt for Homestay Bed & Breakfast locations. These Homestay Bed & Breakfast options are popular for backpackers and tourists on a budget. They offer the same comforts of home – simple, easy, and laid-back.

With a Homestay Bed & Breakfast, you get the chance to meet adorable locals hosting the house. They are all welcoming and hospitable. In fact, most tourists enjoy the cozy ambiance of sharing a home with a Dutch family.

You learn more about the ins and outs of the city, get useful tips in going around town, understand a bit of their culture and tradition, and develop a bond with the locals too. You can also meet other tourists there. It’s a nice avenue to socialize.

The good thing about Homestay Bed & Breakfast accommodations is the convenience of having all your common stay-in needs met, like a comfortable bed and a great Dutch breakfast. It takes away every traveler’s morning dilemma: Where and what to eat. When you’re staying in a Homestay Bed & Breakfast, you can immediately seize the day. You start your morning right with some freshly prepared Dutch favorites.

Most of these Homestay Bed & Breakfast accommodations are staged in traditional Dutch houses. It’s one way to see and to actually stay in some of the city’s historic testaments. They are usually found in hip neighborhoods where most of the iconic landmarks are made accessible. You can conveniently go to and fro places using your rented bike (which is Amsterdam’s most famous means of transportation).

Homestay Bed and Breakfast 2

Hence, staying in Homestay Bed & Breakfast place offers so many benefits. It’s a win-win. You can find many Homestay Bed & Breakfast accommodations online also I recommend this website where I used every time I booked because of it’s cheaper than others and it’s hassle-free. Begin your search now and book earlier.

But if you’re heading to Venice, Italy after a great Amsterdam trip, I recommend you stay in

For a room rate of 35 euros, you get a very comfortable bed in a spacious and relaxing room. If you want to book a room that comes with an exclusive bathroom, it will cost you 70 euros good for 2 guests. Rates are cheaper than other great Homestay Bed & Breakfast of its caliber.

One great thing about this stay-in location is its amazing window views. You can enjoy the sights from your room’s window that features a side of Treviso that’s colorful, peaceful, and astoundingly beautiful.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to book a room with a terrace. This gives a better view of the landscape. Imagine chilling on your terrace after a long and winding day exploring the city. It will make your resting abode even more comfortable.

This cozy stay-in location is conveniently situated in Treviso, in front of the Palazzo di Giustizia (Court of Justice) and near the Porta Santi Quaranta. There are many other exciting landmarks nearing this Homestay Bed & Breakfast location, like the Eden Theater. It is also within a radius from the Appiani Institutional Center (Treviso Police Headquarters), so it is relatively a safe neighborhood to stay on your vacation.

Hope you’ll have a nice time visiting your dreamed vacation spots. And as always, stay safe on your trip.



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