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How to spend your time in Amsterdam during quarantine

We are flooded by messages like ‘be safe’ during these difficult times, but how do you spend your time during quarantine?

For some of you, it is the vacation you always desired since you left school, but how do you spend your time when you’re not allowed to go outside? Here are some tips to help you spend your time productively.

Learn something new

Start a blog or a YouTube channel about your life experiences or the subject of your expertise. Let the world know the details of your Amsterdam life. You can also brush up your writing skills by writing some short stories. Who knows, maybe you will be the next Multatuli or Harry Mulisch!

You can use this time to try out some DIY’s to give your room a make-over or get your hands dirty in the kitchen. Make cod, stroopwafels, mint tea, satay or even poffertjes. Try to learn some new skills from the internet like playing an instrument or learn a new language using Duolingo.

Play games

Remember your college days when you used to pull an all-nighter to play blackjack? Maybe your friends envied your skill there. Take out the old cards or chess board and practice with your family members. You can spend some quality time and have something to brag about once this quarantine ends.

Take care of yourself and stay connected

Pamper yourself with homemade facials and catch up with your due sleep. Think about what you really want in life or what you want to improve. This is also a great opportunity to reconnect with your family members and old friends.

Have a look at your finances

When was the last time you analyzed your finances properly? This is the perfect time to do that. Find out where you can cut down expenses and surf through different investing schemes. You can learn the basics of stock marketing and apply it as the AEX index is going downward these days. Euronext Amsterdam is waiting to change your investment plan forever!

Know your priorities and dedicate your attention and time to them. If you want to stay productive it’s important to carefully divide your time, no matter if it is a vacation or not. Don’t focus too much on things that don’t matter. Just do not forget to take some time to care of yourself.


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