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Is It Good to Have Children in Amsterdam?

The shorthand answer is, of course, yes. Amsterdam prides itself in being such a family-friendly city, so there’s really no question about it – families in general, and children in particular, are given so much importance in Amsterdam that it becomes quite easy for you to see why Amsterdam is a great place to raise your children in.


Let’s begin with childbirth.

There are a lot of cities and countries that seem to treat childbirth and maternity as an issue that’s too medical, and because of this, the whole experience might get too intimidating and daunting for you. In Amsterdam, however, the matter is treated as one that is normal and must be kept as healthy as possible; so, you usually have midwives to take care of you (that is, unless you have a prior medical condition).

There are huge bathing suites complete with bathtubs, both of which are supposed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Also, there might be some mothers who are made to sit on a stool while giving birth. Before you react and reject the idea outright, the reason for this is that it is more ergonomic that way (read: Physics).

Maternity Leaves
Maternity Leaves

What about maternity leaves?

Amsterdam is very generous about maternity leave. You get 16 weeks for leave, and it’s advised that you take at least four before the due date. And take note: everything is fully paid. Moreover, both parents are entitled to parental leave. These parental leaves are what you can have as long as you have been working for the same employer for at least one year, and your child is not more than eight years of age.

Are there facilities for good childcare?

Well, you bet there are. Amsterdam is home to a number of government-subsidized childcare centers. This already sounds like a great treat, doesn’t it? Taking care of these centers are well-qualified people, and you can bring in your child here for three months, as soon as your maternity leave ends.

Gender Equality
Gender Equality

Are girls and boys raised differently according to gender?

This is also something that is quite typical of Dutch culture: gender equality is such a real truth. Because of this, you don’t find children being raised differently just because they are boys or girls. Instead, you have girls who are just as outspoken as boys and aren’t forced to be demure, and boys who aren’t taught to look down on girls. So, when they grow up, men aren’t expected to hold the doors open for women (because women can do it for themselves, thank you very much), and when they go out on dates, they split the biil (men, you can breathe out a sigh of relief here).

So, after all these little details, what do you think is the answer to the first question? By looking at those details, you can see that raising your children in Amsterdam does give them an advantage, primarily because they are given much importance in the city. If that’s something you are excited for, then go ahead and raise an entire family in Amsterdam.


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