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Magnificent Seven Reasons to Visit Amsterdam in Summer

There’s this song by James Taylor that goes like this: “Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you’ve got do is call, and I’ll be there – you’ve got a friend.” The truth is, the same can be said about Amsterdam. It doesn’t matter what season you choose to visit the city; it’ll always be more tha ready and willing to receive you with all the best that it has to offer, as a friend is always present for you in whatever instance of your life.

And yet, while this is true about Amsterdam, there’s still something so undeniably wonderful about Amsterdam in the summer. You can easily witness the city as it brims with life and vibrance under the summer heat, and you can even feel it in the way the locals will receive you with their warmth and openness. Now before you go and purchase your tickets, here are magnificent seven reasons to visit Amsterdam in the summer (yes, that was a reference to that cowboy movie).

Barbeque Party in the Park
The barbecues happen in the park.

Magnificent Reason #1: The barbecues happen in the park.

If you come from a place where the barbecues happen in your backyard, or in your neighbor’s house, don’t think for a second that Amsterdam’s summers will be exactly the same. For your summer in Amsterdam, you can expect that you can actually take your barbecue to the park. This is for selected parks only, though, so be sure to do your necessary research to know which parks will allow you to do so. (For instance, Vondelpark doesn’t allow this.)

Magnificent Reason #2: Amsterdam is the City of Festivals, especially in the summer.

Fun Fact about Amsterdam: more than three hundred festivals happen in Amsterdam, and a huge bulk of these festivals occur in the summer. You could say that the people in Amsterdam are a bit crazy about celebrations and exciting events. If you find yourself resonating with that, then Amsterdam is more than likely the place for you.

Swimming in the Open Air
Go swimming in the open air.

Magnificent Reason #3: Go swimming in the open air.

Among many things that they can be proud about, the Dutch are particularly very proud about the fact that their water is clean. This is the reason why, in the summer, you’re bound to witness a lot of locals strip and go for a swim in the urban beaches. Join them and have the time of your life.

Magnificent #4: There are pop-up restaurants and secret islands.

If you’re the type who’s into a lot of adventurous experiences, then Amsterdam in the summer is really your dream vacation. You see, for a limited time during the summer, there are adventurous diners where you can take a boat to a nearby deserted island and enjoy a four-course meal in a specially constructed greenhouse.

Gender Equality
Amsterdam is a city that celebrates whatever identity you might espouse to have.

Magnificent Reason #5: Amsterdam is a city that celebrates whatever identity you might espouse to have.

While the city is definitely open-minded all the time, the open-mindedness and unconditional acceptance is especially felt in the summer. In the summer, the city turns into a rainbow-colored paradise, celebrating LGBT identities and rights.

Magnificent Reason #6: There’s a free theatre in the park during the summer.

While Vondelpark may not allow your barbecues in the park, it compensates for this quite significantly because it boasts of an open-air theatre that you can visit in the summer. If you’re not yet convinced, here’s a better reason: the shows in this theatre are free.

Free Theatre in the Park
There’s a free theatre in the park.

Magnificent Reason #7: There are cinemas on the beach or on a rooftop.

Are you a movie buff? If you are, then summers in Amsterdam will truly give you what you need. These usually begin in July and run through to September. This is when a selection of Amsterdam institutions take the world of celluloid outdoors, and effectively mix up film classics with new releases and set them against a backdrop of some of Amsterdam’s top scenic sights. So go ahead and choose a deckchair, snuggle up with a blanket and get ready to enjoy some great cinema in the great outdoors.

There you have it – your magnificent reasons to visit Amsterdam in the summer. And yes, they truly are magnificent.


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  1. Duidelijk moge zijn, dat Amsterdam blij zal zijn met Van Aartsen. Hij past er en dat heeft men daar goed gezien. Hij is de logische interim daar. Al tientallen jaren verpest de politiek in Amsterdam heel Nederland. Met vergaande gevolgen en het houdt niet op. De in Amsterdam werkenden hebben geen grote invloed. Velen wonen buiten Amsterdam. Veelal noodgedwongen. Zo is het al lang. Maar wie wel invloed hebben, werken al te vaak niet maar wonen wel in Amsterdam. Velen hebben ook nooit gewerkt of hebben een onecht baantje betaald door de schatkist van Nederland. Buitenlanders mogen al gauw stemmen voor de gemeenteraad en jeugd, die er alleen zit voor onderwijs ook. De omgeving van de stad heeft ten onrechte geen invloed. Het kiesstelsel deugt niet en daar moet verandering in komen.

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