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Must-Know Facts About Amsterdam

To many, Amsterdam might sound like the perfect place to be, especially when it comes to vacation destinations.

For these people, the top reasons for wanting to visit Amsterdam would perhaps be a fresh experience of another culture, or maybe a way to taste some great waffles (you always keep hearing about these waffles), or perhaps people would simple like to step on land where no one really knows them, somewhere far away from home.

But then again, how well do you know Amsterdam?

You might be asking, “What? You mean there’s a need to get to know Amsterdam, even if I’m just going to stay there for a few weeks?”

Honey, of course you need to know Amsterdam better. Who knows, with the facts that you come to master, you just might be able to make your own stay in the city much better, too.

So, without much ado, here are some facts about Amsterdam that you must know (and no one’s going to blame you if you won’t be able to stop yourself from sharing these with everyone you meet):

Top 25 Safest Cities in the World
Amsterdam was named one of the Top 25 Safest cities in the world.

1. Amsterdam was named one of the Top 25 Safest cities in the world. You probably come from a city where crimes are a common sight. Or, you’re probably exposed to too much news of crimes being committed, and these are published all over social media. Well, you don’t have to fear too much for your safety if you’re in Amsterdam. Being there, you’ll most likely feel an overall sense of safety and protection of your well-being, especially since the common causes of ‘danger’ are being controlled by the government pretty well (including prostitution and alcohol).

2. Check out the boat canal for cats. Pet lover, anyone? If you like cats and you would like to have your fill of cats even while you’re one vacation, then it’s a good thing that you chose Amsterdam. You can visit Poezenboot, which is actually a house canal devoted to stray cats. Obviously, there is none like this in the rest of the world, so when you’re there, be sure to enjoy yourself.

 LGBTQ  in Amsterdam
In Amsterdam, your LGBTQI++ identities are respected and loved

3. In Amsterdam, your LGBTQI++ identities are respected and loved. You read that right. Being the first capital city to have allowed gay marriages, it is no surprise that Amsterdam has maintained its liberality and openness. Whatever your gender identity and sexual orientation may be, you’re sure to find a home in Amsterdam (whether permanently or at least for the duration of your stay).

4. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world. Okay, so this may not specifically be just about Amsterdam, but you see where this is going, right? Knowing that Amsterdam is their capital city, the Dutch are obviously everywhere in Amsterdam. You’re not likely to mistake them for everyone else; standing at an average of either 184cm for men or 170cm for women, you will most probably be able to the identify the Dutch people in the room. At the same time, they’ll know you’re not Dutch, too.

5. Amsterdam is a haven for multiculturalism. In Amsterdam, you’ll find the highest number of nationalities from all over the world. This contributes a lot to the general open-mindedness that you’ll experience in the city. Also, this helps to make a lot of the Amsterdam residents speak more than one language: French, English, and often, German.

So, there you have them: five must-know facts about Amsterdam. While they won’t exactly prepare you for an entire vacation, they’re certainly a good way to begin, especially when you want to get a better picture of the city.




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