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Pokemon Go: the solution for your fitness and boredom!

Looking for an excuse to walk in the nice streets of Amsterdam? Say hello to Pokemon Go. It’s the perfect excuse to take a walk. Or different said: to go on an adventure. If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam or already are living in Amsterdam, this blog will help you become a better Pokémon Trainer than even before.

Let’s start with a short reminder of the history

4 years ago, Niantic and The Pokémon Company came up with this fantastic game. Pokémon Go. A lot of people wanted to download the Pokemon RPG game as soon as possible. But unfortunately, Amsterdam was not among the first batch of cities that were allowed access to the game. Today, millions of people in the Netherlands have installed this game.

In this blog I will share my experience and tips from Amsterdam with you. Starting with some good tips and tricks.

# 1 Catch all Pokemon

This might sound odd. But the quickest way to grow is to catch every Pokemon you encounter. Even if you already have caught the Pokemon several times. For every catch, you’ll earn Stardust and Candy. These items can be used to increase the power of the Pokemon and to evolve your mon. Besides this, your trainer level will also increase. This will help you beating the strongest Pokemon Gym.

#2 Find the right spot in Amsterdam

There are many spots where you can play Pokemon. One of the better places is the Vondelpark, the Sloterplas and the tram spots.

Firstly, The Vondelpark is really nice. Not only can you relax, have a run and do other enjoying things. You can also simply just walk around and encounter a lot of Pokemon. And you’re not alone. In the Vondelpark you’ll find many other Pokemon Trainers. I would even say: this is a nice social place. Where you can share your information, like in a Pokemon Pokedex. Nearby the Blauwe Theehuis, you have a great spot to catch many many Pokemon, especially in the evening. I have seen: Geodude, Ponyta, Growlithe, Oddish, Squirtle, Nidoran, Machop, Doduo and Seel.

Secondly, The Sloterplas is also a great spot. You can find easily a Bulbausaur, Drowzee, Gastly, Jynx and Psyduck there on the eastern side. Also, you can use the long cycle path to move from spots. While performing fitness exercises. For lazy people: the scooter! On the northwest side of the lake there is a small park where you can find easily eevee’s. My most favorite one.

Thirdly, the tram spots. Amsterdam is easily accessible with the trams. While being in the tram to move from one spot to another (like a tourist), you can easily catch a lot of Pokemon. Also you can visit many Pokestops. Sometimes it can help you hatching the eggs. I enjoyed the spot around Central Station the most but touring to the museum square with tram 2 also helps.

#3 Pokemon Go tips and tricks

There are a few small tips that can come in handy. For example, a PokéStop becomes inactive as soon as you remove all items from it. After some time, however, such a location can be used again, allowing you to collect Pokéballs and other items again. So, return regularly to previously visited locations, especially if they are nearby.

In addition, don’t forget your eggs. In Poké stops you can collect eggs to hatch through an incubator. By default, you have an Incubator, but you also get Incubators that work only three times. If you want to hatch eggs quickly, place multiple types of eggs that require different spacing in multiple incubators.

And speaking of eggs: from level 9 you also receive Lucky Eggs. These ensure that you can collect double experience points (XP) for your trainer for thirty minutes. If you combine such a Lucky Egg with a Lure Module, Incense or fighting in a Gym, you as a trainer will level up much faster. The higher your level as a trainer, the more unique Pokémon you will encounter. In addition, it is wise to catch and evolve a lot of Pokémon while using a Lucky Egg, which will give you even more experience points for you as a trainer.

#4 Online Pokemon RPG Games

Given the situation we’re in… It is not always possible to go outside and play Pokemon. But that does not mean that we cannot have fun. As alternative there are many free games online where you can play Pokemon. An example of that is which is an online MMO Pokemon RPG game. This website also has a nice Dutch social community.

Are you ready to go outside and play Pokemon?
Keep the following in mind:

Gotta catch em’ all!


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