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The benefits of a domestic help in Amsterdam

You may not know it, but getting domestic help, or huishoudelijke ondersteuning in Dutch, in Amsterdam offers a ton of advantages. Having a clean and tidy house has many benefits for example, but now it also turns out that spending money on services that can save you more time makes you happy. And who can ensure that you have more free time? Exactly, a domestic help! Are you still unsure whether you need a maid in Amsterdam? This won’t be the case after reading this blog! 

Cleaning up the house 

A big advantage of having a maid is that you take the time to clean up everything more often. You don’t want your helper to think you’re a slob, do you? The night before the huishoudelijke hulp Amsterdam comes, you clear things up so that the maid can reach everything. 

Reduce stress

Going home after a long day at work, knowing that you have to do the laundry, iron, and wipe down the toilet is not a very pleasant idea. How wonderful it is when you come home and see that everything is done! Now you can relax in a wonderfully smelling house. Get rid of the stress by hiring a domestic helper!


When you bring in a helper, it is probably the intention that you enter into a long-term relationship with such a person. At a certain point you know each other through and through, you can have a nice chat over a cup of tea and maybe after a while you even have a new friend! 

More free time

This is of course quite logical: if you no longer have to do the household yourself, you have more free time. Time you can spend with friends, family or relatives. You no longer have to cancel appointments, because you still have to clean the kitchen if necessary. You can even invite your friends to dinner in your clean house! 

Tricky or boring jobs

Do you have no idea how best to clean your extractor hood, do you hate washing the windows or do you always only do the essentials? The domestic help will help you with this and also do the things for you that you find difficult or forget. 

Professional into your home

You may not be the neatest person yourself, but a cleaning lady probably is. He or she can probably overload you with various grandmother’s cleaning tips. Ever had a grass stain in your daughter/son’s white shirt? The maid must have a good tip! 

Unleash the control freak

Do you like to be in control yourself? Then it is a good exercise for you to outsource the household. Just because someone cleans something in a different way than you would, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good way, of course. 

You live healthier

It is of course much healthier to live in a clean house. Large amounts of bacteria and dust have a negative impact on your health, but a domestic helper will get rid of these for you.


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