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The hidden treasures of Amsterdam

Essentially everyone knows the best sights in Amsterdam. A great example of this is the Rijksmuseum, where you can spot and enjoy some of the best paintings ever created. However, there are also a lot of hidden treasures in the capital of the Netherlands. Most of these sightseeing locations are yet to be found by the public. However, after you have read this blog you will certainly know where to go when you visit Amsterdam. Four hidden treasures will be mentioned, although Amsterdam actually has many more to offer. You might even find some hidden treasures yourself when visiting this beautiful city! 

Prison under a bridge 

At 42 meters, Torensluis is one of the widest bridges in Amsterdam. At the same time, this 17th century bridge is one of the oldest in the city. It is called Torensluis because originally a tower(toren in Dutch) stood on top of it. This was called the Jan Roodenpoortstoren and has been demolished in 1829 because the maintenance became too expensive. However, since 2003 the contours of the Jan Roodenpoortstoren have been visible in the cobbled paving of the bridge. This tower was 55 meters high when it was still standing, it functioned as a public clock tower at the time as well. On top of that, it served as a prison. The barred windows and dungeons are still clearly visible. The dungeons have been restored and made accessible to the public. 

Seven countries in seven houses

Take your care after you have compared insurances, autoverzekering vergelijken in Dutch, and drive to Zevenlandhuizen. Here you can visit seven houses that were built in 1890 at the expense of the wealthy politician and banker Samuel van Eeghen. This may not sound very exciting, but these houses are rather special. The row of houses namely represents seven different countries. In one piece of a street in Amsterdam you can thus see seven houses who not even look remotely the same. In the Spanish house you can clearly see the Moorish influences for example, while the Romanticism of the Loire Valley is visible in the French house. The Netherlands, Germany, England, Italy, and Germany are part of the tour as well.

Original Picasso in Vondelpark

Calculate car insurance, or autoverzekeringen berekenen in Dutch, is very useful, however that is not the case when you want to visit the Vondelpark. In this world famous park in Amsterdam you have to walk of course, it is not possible to use your car here. This does not make the Vondelpark any worse though, because this park in Amsterdam is genuinely breathtaking due to the nature. On top of that, here you can find an original Picasso. If you are not looking for it, you can easily pass it without noticing it, but on the south side of the Vondelpark you can actually find an original Picasso statue. The statue was part of a sculpture exhibition in 1965 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Vondelpark. Picasso later donated it to Amsterdam. 

Street art by Keith Haring

This hidden treasure was actually hidden for years. The mural of a fantasy beast from the water, which Keith Haring made in 1986, was wrapped in steel walls for protection and was only revealed a few years ago. With its 12 by 15 meters, the work is Haring’s largest surviving mural in public space in Europe. The site at the central market halls in West on which the artwork is located is not public. But you can still get a good glimpse of this unique work of art from Willem de Zwijgerlaan.


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