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Top Adventures to Try in Amsterdam

Going on vacation in a new and strange place is truly a huge treat, especially after several months or years (that certainly felt like several lifetimes) of serious workloads and serious stress. More than anything, the vacation will serve as your ultimate reward for being such a hardworking person, for knowing when to put in a lot of effort into your work and when to stop to have fun and rest.

And so, when your boss rewards you with some surprise news: “You should take a break. I’ve bought you some tickets for a vacation in Amsterdam. Take that break, you deserve it.” Okay, while things might not be as magical as the way you imagine them to be, it’s definitely a good thing to take a break once in a while. And yes, Amsterdam is one of the best options, if you’re looking for an adventure and for countless opportunities to make even more memories. Here’s a short list of all the exciting and out-of-the-ordinary stuff you can try in Amsterdam.

The Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms
Escape Rooms

One form of excitement that is really popular in Amsterdam is the Escape Room. In case you don’t yet know what an escape room is, it’s basically a mystery game room which forces you to think through clues and questions so that you can escape it. Think of it as an experience of being in your very own mystery TV show, only this time you’re the detective who has to solve the mystery, and your escape from the room depends on whether or not you can solve it correctly.

One popular escape room is The Architect. This is located in the very heart of Amsterdam. You can very well try it out with your friends, getting locked out of a room and solving puzzles just to get out. The room is located in the catacombs of Beurs van Berlage and is filled with secrets and puzzles that when solved will allow you to “Sherlock” your way out. This is a real-life game and lasts up to 60 minutes.

You can also try The Vault. This escape room is designed in such a way that you’ll feel like you and your friends are trying to pull a heist. The Vault is a unique break-in experience that’ll make you feel like a member of Ocean’s 11. The task at hand is to break into a locked vault under the Beurs van Berlage and steal an object. Here’s the thing: 2-6 players are required, so bring your friends. Bookings must be made online.

Extreme Sports


Yes, you read that right – there’s also a culture of extreme sports in Amsterdam that’s very much alive. You can try bouldering and climbing, if that’s your thing. Not far from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station is Klimhal. Klimhal is all about indoor and outdoor bouldering and climbing. Just to The climbing gym stands 21 metres tall and offers a multitude of facilities, including personal trainers and 300 different climbing routes.

You can also try Surfcenter Ijburg. Needless to say, windsurfing may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of things to do in Amsterdam. But, surprisingly, Amsterdam boasts of plenty of wind, water and sand, making it the perfect windsurfing destination. Head due east of Amsterdam Central Station with tram line 26 and arrive at the city’s very own stretch of sand. At Surfcenter IJburg, you can rent a boat and windsurf to your heart’s content. Windsurf lessons are available for newbies who want to learn the sport.

Adventurous Dining Experiences

Dine With the Dutch
Dine With the Dutch

If you think the only extreme experiences you can have in Amsterdam are the sort which more obviously inclined to being extreme like sports ad mysteries, then think again. In Amsterdam, even things as seemingly mundane as eating your dinner can still be an extreme experience. Try eating in pitch black, with blind or visually impaired servers in Restaurant Ctaste. You can also try booking online with Dine With the Dutch, an online platform which makes arrangements for you to literally dine with the Dutch, setting you up with a local family or couple to eat with them in the comforts of their homes.

Getting your fill of adventures is definitely one way for you to have a vacation you will never ever forget.


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