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Use these apps to reach your destination in Amsterdam

If you have just arrived in Amsterdam, you of course will not know where to go. Thankfully this is no longer an issue, especially if you have a phone with a sim only contract. By using a sim only deal, you are able to use internet on your smartphone even if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection. In other words, you can use an app in order to reach your destination in Amsterdam. When it comes to this, there are a lot of different apps you could use, but the ones mentioned in this blog definitely are the best options. 

Google Maps

Google Maps is very extensive and works genuinely amazing in the Netherlands. Whether you go somewhere by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot: the app can always be used to map out the fastest route to a destination in Amsterdam. The navigation app has a clear layout, in which you can save locations, among other things, to quickly select your home and work location. It also offers you the possibility to say the destination so you do not even have to touch the screen of your phone. This makes it even easier.

TomTom GPS

A good alternative that uses the maps too is TomTom GPS. This app immediately asks you which maps you want to download when you first start up, so that you only save what you need. You can also download an entire continent, but then you immediately lose 6 to 7GB. This is of course not what you want, but it also will not be necessary if you just have to reach a destination in Amsterdam. A disadvantage of TomTom GPS is that it is unfortunately not completely free. A Premium account will cost 20 euros per year. 


Waze is a navigation app that takes a slightly different approach. Instead of a company providing all the information you can find in Waze, users do it themselves. You can also score points by reporting traffic jams, road works and speed cameras along the way. As a result, the app becomes more accurate, the more people use it. Waze is now part of Google, but many new functions and useful data can be found in this app before these updates have been added to Google Maps. A benefit of Waze is that you can navigate without internet if you have planned the route in a place where you did have a connection.


Another popular navigation app is Sygic. This uses the maps from TomTom, which is the developer of TomTom GPS of course. In addition to the map of the Netherlands, you can find maps of almost every other country in Sygic, which makes it a robust and reliable app. Sygic is free to use, but a Premium version is also available. This includes voice-guided navigation, live speed limits and a handy Heads-Up Display. You thankfully do not have to pay for making maps available offline, which makes Sygic highly recommended.


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