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Where can you buy Bitcoin in Amsterdam?

When you’re visiting Amsterdam, you can do lots of things, like visiting a Homestay Bed & Breakfast, do night activities and other fun things in Amsterdam. But did you know that you can also buy Bitcoin in physical stores? In Amsterdam there are currently 23 active Bitcoin ATMs where you can buy your Bitcoin. At the time of writing there are 55 ATMs in the Netherlands and half of it is located in Amsterdam.

A Bitcoin ATM allows you to buy or sell Bitcoin using cash. You can actually compare a Bitcoin ATM with a regular ATM. The only difference is that you can buy and sell Bitcoin and most of the time other cryptocurrencies. Some ATMs even make it possible to do a transaction without giving up any personal data. A Bitcoin ATM is tangible and you can just encounter these machines on the street, in a store, at airports or shopping centers.

Just deposit some cash (euro), select the amount of crypto and enter your wallet address. The use of a smartphone is therefore mandatory. Selling crypto for cash is also possible, but not with all ATMs.

23 active Bitcoin ATMs in Amsterdam

We’ve collected all known addresses that currently provide a Bitcoin ATM. These addresses can change quickly, so please contact the store before you go there. It is also not certain if those ATMs are online.

The full list of all Bitcoin ATMs in Amsterdam:

  • Dierenkliniek Osdorp: Pieter Calandlaan 144, 1068NR Amsterdam
  • Doner Imperium: Rie Mastenbroekstraat 1-A, 1095MJ Amsterdam
  • FixMobi (Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan): Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 168, 1063BS Amsterdam
  • FixMobi (Linnaeusstraat): Linnaeusstraat 66-H, 1092CN Amsterdam
  • FixMobi (Van Woustraat): Van Woustraat 157I, 1074 AK Amsterdam
  • Fone up GSM Reparatie Centre: Ceintuurbaan 298, 1072 Amstedam
  • GSM Reparatie: Wormerplein 42, 1442CB Purmerend
  • HighCulture: Bellamystraat 6, 1053BL, Amsterdam
  • ICT Repair: Bos en Lommerweg 238, 1055EJ Amsterdam
  • Juice Lab: Haarlemmerdijk 96, 1013JG Amsterdam
  • Mobi Shop: Anton de Komplein 158, 1102CW Amsterdam
  • Paxshop: Paxlaan 10, 2131PZ Hoofddorp
  • PC Professional: Javastraat 95, 1094HC Amsterdam
  • Telekom City: Stationsweg 66, 1815CD Alkmaar
  • U Break i Fix: floor HS, Kinkerstraat 296, 1053GC Amsterdam
  • Vivant Ganzenpoort Cigars: Harriet Freezerstraat 106 1103JP Amsterdam
  • Walls and Skin: Kalkmarkt 1, 1011 BC Amsterdam
  • Walls and Skin: Prins Hendrikkade 5A, 1012 TK Amsterdam

Just enter the address in Google Maps and you’ll be directed to the store.

Please note that a Bitcoin ATM can be really convenient, but they also charge high service fees. The fees can be as high as 10% on top of the current Bitcoin price, which is really high when you compare this to online Bitcoin brokers. When you buy Bitcoin online, the service fees can be as low as 0.25%. This is 40x cheaper than buying it using an ATM, but you have to do a KYC.


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