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Why Should You Study in Amsterdam?

Why indeed?

(Before anything else, maybe the question is, “why should anyone want to study, anyway?”, but maybe that is a question that ought to be reserved for a different day, and a different article.)

Studying in Amsterdam
Studying helps to preserve civilization and progress

Humanity’s relationship with studying is probably among the more popular like/dislike relationships that civilization has ever witnessed. On one hand, it does feel as if human beings love studying so much as it helps them to achieve greater heights in life. There is the idea of course, that studying helps to preserve civilization and progress.

On the other hand, for several cultures, there is this undeniable stress that studying also causes in anyone who chooses to go through the path of eternal study. What with all the deadlines you need to meet, the people whose expectations you need to fulfill, and the costs. For many people, these things can cause them to dislike studying.

Truly, this like/dislike relationship is going to need more than just a miracle. But wait. What if you could have more reasons to actually love studying? What if what you’re reading will provide you with those reasons?

The first thing you need to do, however, is to choose Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, you’re sure to love the academic pursuits, and here some of the reasons why.

Top Reasons Why You Should Study in Amsterdam

Work in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is a ladder to success

Reason #1: Amsterdam is a ladder to success.

In Amsterdam, you will find several universities that are consistent in terms of their excellent performance. Surely, when you decide to go to Amsterdam to study, you’ll find yourself gradually becoming better and smarter, as you do your best to meet the set standards of whichever university you decide to enroll yourself in.

Reason #2: In Amsterdam, you will have an exciting social life.

You probably come from a tradition that tells you that school and socialization certainly don’t mix, especially because wanting to do well in one will surely mean the detriment of the other. In Amsterdam, however, there’s a different story. Amsterdam will be more than happy to give you a bustling social life, with all your academic requirements still intact.

Foods in Amsterdam
The culinary and gastronomic experiences are more than worth your while

Reason #3: The locals are generally friendly and helpful.

If you’ve had previous experience with locals in foreign countries wherein they weren’t too willing to help you out, then you’ll have to see Amsterdam with new eyes. The locals of Amsterdam are lovely to be around and to get to know, particularly because they’re more than willing to extend whatever they’re can to help you out. Of course, it’s also important that you know your boundaries, because the Dutch can also be quite reserved. Still, you can look forward to openness and liberality as the general mindset of the locals. This friendly spirit is certainly one that will make your studies more life-giving.

Reason #4: The culinary and gastronomic experiences are more than worth your while.

Forget about bland and flavorless food. Once you’re in Amsterdam, you will discover that you have been deprived of the more exciting joys for your tummy, joys that only Amsterdam and its myriad cuisines can provide. You can have your fill of cafes, restaurants, and even hole in the wall pubs that don’t just give you great food – they serve great beer, too.

That way, you can study for your brain and eat for your, well, soul.

Reason #5: Getting around is easy.

Amsterdam is a city that gives you access to the many other sights to see in Europe. Although you are studying in Amsterdam, the fact remains that it’s still a serious matter. This might lead you to get stressed out. To avoid the stress, you can very easily take trips to Brussels, Paris, and many other options.

So, what else are you waiting for? Studying can and does help you to improve yourself, but don’t shortchange yourself. Choose to study, choose Amsterdam.



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  1. Hey! So I stayed here when I was travelling last year and absaloutely loved it! I”m coming back, but not just for travelling. During July 2016 I will be starting my yoga teacher course in Amsterdam with the possibility of staying afterwards. I thought I could maybe come to Amsterdam a month or so before hand to get to know the place better, I was just wondering if you ever hire people on short term as I”d love to spend a month in the city working and getting to know my way around and meet people before I start my course and I thought this would be the perfect place to start.

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