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Winter Activities in Amsterdam

It is probably a well-known and firmly established fact that Amsterdam is no longer the quaint fishing village that it used to be. Today, it has grown from being merely a fishing village to being one of the most visited cities in the world, primarily because there are so many exciting sights and experiences when you spend your vacation in Amsterdam. Also having been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s no longer surprising if Amsterdam has indeed stepped up in its tourism game.

There is, of course, a need to raise and respond to an important question: would it really be a good idea to visit Amsterdam anytime of the year? If, for instance, you decide to visit the city in the winter, January and February being the coldest month in this Dutch Capital, will you be able to withstand it if you’re not so used to the cold to begin with? Well, the short answer to the first question is: yes, it is a good idea to visit Amsterdam at any time of the year. As for the second question, you’ll actually find that there is so much to do in Amsterdam, even when it’s freezing. Here are a few of them (and when you get there, maybe you can come up with a list of your own, too).

Top Things to Do in Amsterdam for Winter

Skating in Amsterdam
Go skating

Make Use of Your I Amsterdam Card for the museum perks.

Yes, you read that right. In winter, your I Amsterdam Card gives you a free pass to the museums (but not all, though, because Rijksmuseum only gives you a discount). With these museum benefits, you no longer have any excuse to just stay inside your hotel room. Go ahead and brave the cold in pursuit of more and perhaps better knowledge of history, society, and perhaps even showbusiness.

Go skating – alone, with your partner, or with the whole family.

So, your curious mind might be asking: what is it that happens to the canals when there’s freezing weather? As logic would probably tell you, they basically freeze up, too, which means you can now walk these canals on foot, or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous and would like to experience the city differently, try walking on them on skates. No need to worry about traffic; in order to prevent the boats from breaking the ice, the council is more than willing to stop traffic in some spots.

Ready to warm you up for those cold afternoons and evenings

Warm yourself up in front of (a real) open fire

Some places are glad to offer you the appearance or the illusion of a fireplace, but not Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, many cafes have a real fireplace, with a real fire in front of you, ready to warm you up for those cold afternoons and evenings. In these cafes, too, you have endless choices of amazing Dutch beer, and with this drink in your hand, take your spot by the hearth.

Make Amsterdam Your Winter Choice

With all that said, it’s really not difficult to see why Amsterdam would be the choice of so many other people for their winter destination. Why not make it yours, too?



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