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Boom Chicago


There is really only one place to be for stand-up comedy fans when in Amsterdam – Boom Chicago! I visit Boom Chicago several times a year to hang out with friends for an evening of laughter (very healthy!). Last Saturday was another great evening, so I thought it was time to introduce you all to Boom Chicago.

American humour in Amsterdam

A Boom Chicago show is packed full of American humour. Why? Because it was a group of American comedians who established a comedy group in 1993 and started up Boom Chicago. Stand-up comedy quickly became a popular concept in the Netherlands. Due to its great success, Boom Chicago has had to look for larger locations several times in order to receive its enthusiastic public. Today shows are held at the Rozentheater on the Rozengracht.

Boom Chicago Amsterdam
Besides a lot of humour, shows also involve musical entertainment.

A great group evening out at Boom Chicago Amsterdam!

To be sure of your seats you should definitely buy your tickets, as I always do, in advance. I order my tickets here.

The American comedians clearly love current events. They produce sketches which involve the American president, the latest news and other current affairs. Every time I go, the show is totally different, which means it’s always great to come back!

What I really like is when the comedians ask for suggestions from the audience for improvisation purposes. This makes for some brilliant, original and hilarious moments. So come with a few great topics in your head; who knows, maybe yours will be chosen!

An evening at Boom Chicago promises an entertaining and fun evening out! The shows are well produced and often touch upon current topics
Stefan from Amsterdam via

Boom Chicago trivia

One of the funniest comedians at Boom Chicago is Greg Shapiro. Did you know that Greg Shapiro hosted the viral video “America First, Netherlands Second”? You can find more hilarious videos of him online. After seeing them, you will be even more convinced it’s time to enjoy a night of stand-up comedy at Boom Chicago.

The Comedians of Boom Chicago have also produced the side-splitting Comedy Central News for years, broadcast on the Comedy Central channel.

Most shows are in English. If you speak little or no English, it will be difficult to understand. If you invite friends or family to have an evening of laughter, first check that everyone has sufficient knowledge of the English language.

Did you know that you can also enjoy delicious food near the theatre? There are restaurants with a very diverse range of specialties; the perfect way to end your evening.

Because the shows are very popular and many Amsterdammers and tourists know about this incredible night out, the Rozentheater gets booked up quite quickly. I really do advise you to order your tickets in advance. It would be a shame to miss a Boom Chicago production during your stay in Amsterdam. You can buy tickets
here kopen.

Comedians of Boom Chicago
“My favourites!”
Boom Chicago Events
“Expect the unexpected”

Other Boom Chicago events

Boom Chicago also organizes social evenings for those of us who love pub quizzes; you and your group of friends will be able to compete against other groups. They also host an Escape room, which I have heard a lot of positive comments about. This is definitely something I will find out for myself soon.

The Open Mic Nights are also great. During these special evenings you will discover new talent (who might end up being famous in a few year’s time!) and listen to new material from more familiar faces. I went to an Open Mic Night once, and it’s a great experience to be one of the first to see a particular artist or sketch. The Boom Chicago website will tell you when the next Open Mic Night takes place. Highly recommended!

One of the things that is still on my To Do list is to follow an Improv Workshop at Boom Chicago. Here you are taught the basics of improvisation, which they say also helps you in everyday life. Perhaps a good idea for those who find it terrifying to speak in front of large audiences?


Boom Chicago can be found at: Rozengracht 117, 1016 LV Amsterdam, in the Rozentheater.

I advise you to get to the show by public transport, as there are rarely sufficient parking spaces in the centre of town. The following buses and trams stop at the Marnixstraat stop:

Trams: 13 / 14 / 17
Buses: 752 / 754 / 758

These stop directly outside the theatre.


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