Where can you buy Bitcoin in Amsterdam?

When you’re visiting Amsterdam, you can do lots of things, like visiting a Homestay Bed & Breakfast, do night activities and other fun things in Amsterdam. But did you know that you can also buy...

Bring Your Pet Passport When Traveling in Amsterdam

Traveling to Amsterdam: Can You Bring Your Pet?

Sometimes, when it comes to visiting foreign country, you really just want to enjoy it alone. For the loner type, this usually means being able to walk around the city or the country without worrying...

Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam

Famous Dutch Actors in the Hollywood

Watching movies and television series is one of the best forms of relaxation and bonding with family members and/or friends. It can be also a fun activity if you like watching sci-fi and thrillers, where...

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4 tips to find a job in Amsterdam

As a man or woman on a mission you struggle through all the vacancies that Amsterdam has to offer. From HR manager to driving instructor: they have all passed by you. But that one beautiful...

4 tips for decorating a small apartment in Amsterdam

Small apartments have their own advantages, even the very small ones you can find in Amsterdam. They are for example cheaper than a large house and often have a favorable location. A small apartment has...

Where to park your car in Amsterdam

Are you planning to go to Amsterdam? Great! It is recommended to plan your trip in advance, since Amsterdam is a crowded city. The city has a good working public transport network with buses, trains,...

Dam Square

Haunted Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is home to many things, sights, smells, practices – all these will seem strange to any first-time visitor. And if you’re in Amsterdam on vacation, it might be valuable if you also learn to...


The hidden treasures of Amsterdam

Essentially everyone knows the best sights in Amsterdam. A great example of this is the Rijksmuseum, where you can spot and enjoy some of the best paintings ever created. However, there are also a lot...

Great Date Night Ideas in Amsterdam

In a relationship, both individuals are expected to have differences; it can be in activities, hobbies, attitudes, etc. Thus, we can expect that there will be some conflicts, which is understandable. To make a couple’s...

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Museums in Amsterdam

10 Reasons Why You Must Never Visit Amsterdam

Nope, you didn’t misread that title. Contrary to popular belief, Amsterdam is not at all that great. You’ve probably heard about the sights, the food, the people, the activities – the whole shebang seems to...

Going Solo in Amsterdam

Going Solo in Amsterdam

To travel with a group might sound pretty exciting for someone who is doing a trip for the very first time. It would be understandable for anyone not that experienced in travel to want the...

Traveling in Amsterdam

Traveling with Your Teenager in Amsterdam

Imagine traveling with your teenage son or daughter. Needless to say, being with parents can become quite a bore for these teengers, with all their hormones telling them to speed things up all the time,...


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