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Having fun in Amsterdam – Weekend edition

When you’re in Amsterdam, the capital city in the Netherlands we all know and love, there are a million and one things to do. So when you only have a weekend, you might end up doing nothing at all, because you simply can’t choose. Here are a couple of suggestions to have some fun on a weekend in Amsterdam:

Take a private boat tour

Yes, private! Of course you can surf the canal like anyone else in one of those hot, steamy boats, full of strangers. But did you know, that you can also rent your own boat, with a bar included? One of the companies where you can book a private boat tour Amsterdam is Starboard Boats. They are a well-established and highly rated company.

So, hop on one of their boats, enjoy a drink while you get to see many of Amsterdam’s historical sights, wonderful facades and of course wave at the people you pass by as you travel in style.


 There are many historical sites and cultural venues to visit during the day in Amsterdam, like the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank house and Madam Tussaud’s. But once the night sets in, it transform to party heaven. Irish pubs, sportsbars, clubs to dance at and stripteases. For every single on of you, there will be a story to tell at the end of the weekend. And your new favorite spot to have fun at night will be in Amsterdam.

There are many hotspots where you can find multiple bars and clubs within walking (or stumbling) distance from each other. Two of those being Leidscheplein and Rembrandtplein. These squares offer a multitude of nice bars, cafes and clubs to choose from. They are a bit more aimed at tourists, a bit more expensive because of their location, but you will find your locals here as well.

The red light district is one you probably have heard of and even though it has shrunk since back in the day, it is still worth a visit. Some of these spots are very shady and love to get tourists to get a drink, but if you are careful and just ask a nice Dutchie where to go, you will end up in a great place.

Jungle Club Amsterdam

We love to highlight a good nightlife club, as the Amsterdam nightlife is fantastic for all ages. If you are one to enjoy a good party and get to dancing, Amsterdam will not disappoint you. At almost every street you will find multiple bars, clubs and venues where you can get your dancing shoes on. Jungle Club is one of those special venues where you will not find a touristy club with overpriced shots and bad music. Here, they might as well have rolled out a red carpet, because whether you use it as a private club venue or come on normal nights, the vibe is always celeb-like. Do make sure you reserve your spot on the guest list, because yes, this is not your normal club you can just walk into. And it is wild. The best  event location Amsterdam has to offer!

In short, you can’t go wrong when you visit Amsterdam for a weekend. And there are a hundred more things we haven’t listed yet. Read one of our other entries to find out more about the gems in Amsterdam!


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