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Where to park in Amsterdam?

New to Amsterdam? Amsterdam has excellent public transport connections. The Dutch capital is easily accessible by train, bus and tram. Amsterdam has several major stations: Amsterdam Central, Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA and Amsterdam South, and smaller stations such as: Amsterdam Holendrecht, Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam Science Park and Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Metros and buses run to and from these stations to take you to the right location. Visit to plan the most ideal route! Do you still want to drive to Amsterdam? In that case, you need to park your car, read more about this below! 

Park and Ride

It is of course possible that you need a car because the connection from your place of residence to Amsterdam is not ideal. Consider a P+R location near the center of Amsterdam. In this way you do not have to enter the busy center and you are assured of a parking space. A frequently used P+R location is the P+R ArenA. You can park at this P+R location and continue to the city by public transport. Keep in mind that in addition to the costs for parking, you also lose the costs for public transport, and that this reduced rate only applies if you can prove that you have visited the center of Amsterdam by scanning your public transport card upon return.

Street parking

Are you still going into the city by car? Then you could park it on the street. The advantage of street parking is that this way you can get closest to your final destination by car. Unfortunately, in Amsterdam you are not the only one looking for a parking space on the street. Due to the limited number of parking spaces, parking spaces reserved for permit holders and the rates, the chance that you will quickly find an affordable parking space is very small. The rates per hour in the center of Amsterdam are around €5 per hour. This means you pay about €50 per day, which of course is a lot of money!

Parking garages

Like any major city, Amsterdam also has the necessary parking garages. These parking garages are often fairly conveniently located. This has the advantage that you can quickly reach your final destination, but that these parking garages are often very expensive. For example, think of the parking garage under Bijenkorf on Dam Square, suppose you park the car all day then you pay €55.

Reserve parking spaces

Our society is increasingly turning into a sharing economy. People offer their houses if they temporarily do not need them, people share their cars and people share their unused parking space. Via Goedkoopparkeren you can easily book a parking space in the center of Amsterdam per day, week or month for someone who does not need it. Do not feel like parking the car yourself? Choose the valet option that is offered! In this way you are assured of a parking space at a more favorable rate than parking on the street or in a regular parking garage and you can enjoy your visit to Amsterdam carefree. 


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