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Where to park your car in Amsterdam

Are you planning to go to Amsterdam? Great! It is recommended to plan your trip in advance, since Amsterdam is a crowded city. The city has a good working public transport network with buses, trains, metros, trams and ferries. So, you can easily use public transport. Visit 9292 to plan your most ideal route! Would you rather go by car? Of course that is possible as well. Below you can find an overview of several parking options in the city, and we give a tip on how to park cheaper in Amsterdam. 

Park and Ride 

One of the options is to park your car at a P+R location near the center of Amsterdam. If you choose for Park and Ride you do not need to enter the busy center by car. You park your car at one of the P+R locations near the center of Amsterdam. From the parking spot you can continue your trip to the center by public transport. Keep in mind that in addition to the costs for parking, you also lose the costs for public transport. You get a discount if you can scan your public transport card when you return from the center.

Street parking 

Another option for parking in Amsterdam is parking your car on the side of the street. The advantage of street parking is that this way you can get closest to your final destination by car. Unfortunately, in Amsterdam you are not the only one looking for a parking space on the street. Due to the limited number of parking spaces, parking spaces reserved for permit holders and the rates, the chance that you will quickly find an affordable parking space is very small. The rates per hour in the center of Amsterdam are around €5,- per hour. This means you pay about €50,- per day.

Parking garages

Like any major city, Amsterdam also has the necessary parking garages. These parking garages are often fairly conveniently located. This has the advantage that you can quickly reach your final destination, but these parking garages are often expensive. For example, think of the parking garage under Bijenkorf on Dam Square. Suppose you park your car there all day, then you pay €55,-.

Reserve parking spaces

As you might know now, the costs of parking in Amsterdam can be quite high. To keep the costs a bit lower, it is recommended to reserve your parking space in advance. You can use the comparison tool of GoedkoopParkeren. You can easily compare parking providers in Amsterdam. And quickly find the parking provider that suits you best. By comparing you not only save money, but also time!


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